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Success story: How Marta Nieto manages her luxury Villa in Mallorca using Nidô - Vacation rental finances platform

Superhost Marta Nieto, vacation rental finances

We met Marta back when Nidô was just an idea in our heads. She shared her struggles with vacation rental finances and we managed to create a solution that covers her needs. Now Marta is sharing her story with us. "We bought Bella Roca 5 years ago. Before that I used to work for 5 star hotels for more than 10 years and when we launched I wanted to bring this exclusive hotel experience to our guests" Martas Villa "Bella Roca" is located in a small town Puigpynyent not far from Galilea mountain in Mallorca. It has 4 bedrooms, swimming pool, BBQ area and a small gym. It can accommodate up to 10 guests at the same time.

Bella roca, vacation rental finances
Villa "Bella Roca" Mallorca
"Hospitality experience was my advantage but I had a real struggle with numbers. I had a mortgage and I had no idea about doing business"

Marta shared with us that her finances were a mess. Besides taxes and mortgage she wouldn't even keep track of her cash expenses. While creating an amazing touristic getaway she missed the most important part - her profit. To solve this typical problem Marta was looking for a technological platform but non of the existing PMSs covered the finances properly. Until she met us. We were constantly consulting with Marta and other Hosts while building our platform. She was one of the first Hosts who we gave access to our platform. "It literally saved me. I can focus on my guests instead of spending nights doing maths. Now I check the analytics dashboard once a week" Now Marta is opening a new guesthouse nearby and uses our "Cashback & Rewards" to save on furniture and decoration. You can try it too right now.

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