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Vacation Rental Finances Made Easy

Profitability, Expenses, Taxes, Financing.
All in one place.
Tailored for short-term rental Hosts in EU.
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Analytics dashboard & Insights
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Rental income Tax Calculator
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Cashback and Perks
Financing for Vacation Rentals
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In May you earned 15% more then average among hosts in your area  

Your main category of expenses this month is Furniture and Decoration

No more manual calculations

Forget excel spreadsheets and hours spent on evaluating your rental unit profitability. 

With Nidô analytics you will have a detailed summary of your earnings and expenses at your fingertips and receive important insights.

How it works

Register account in less then 5 min
Connect to banking in 3 steps
Gain control over your STR finances
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Property Taxes calculated

Set up your Property Tax Calculator once and stay up-to-date with what's important. 

Download the data for your accountant if necessary

Gain money while spending

Automatic cashback on property related purchases

Gain up to 15% of cashback while shopping for furniture, decorations, bathroom accessories and much more.
Nidô card, vacation rental software and finacial analytics for short-term rental hosts


+ 31,95 €



+ 28,92 €



+ 21,55 €

Our customers say:

airbnb host, Nidô customer
"I'm saving a lot of time with analytics, don't need to spend hours with excel anymore"

Carlos, Valencia

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